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Holistic Healing for the Young Soul

At Turning Point Healing Centers, we recognize and champion the transformative power of holistic therapy and mindfulness, especially in this digital age where social media can place extreme pressure on young people. Located in the heart of the Phoenix Metro Area of AZ, our center offers a sanctuary where adolescents can rediscover balance, inner peace, and an integrated sense of self.

Image of our treatment facility in Phoenix providing a therapeutic environment for young people

Holistic Therapy at Turning Point: A Journey Inward

Holistic Therapy

Embracing the Whole

Beyond the symptoms and behaviors lie emotions, energies, and deeper layers of consciousness. Our holistic therapy delves deep, addressing the entire being – body, mind, and spirit.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Phoenix, AZ

Varied Modalitie

 From meditation and yoga to art therapy and sound healing, our range of holistic interventions caters to diverse needs and preferences.

Individual Therapy in Phoenix, AZ

Balancing Energies

We understand the profound influence of energy balance on mental health and well-being. Our therapies, like Reiki and chakra balancing, aim to harmonize these energies, fostering equilibrium and vitality.

Mindfulness: The Art of Present Moment Awareness

  • Focused Training

    Our mindfulness sessions teach youth the skills to be completely present, tuning into their feelings, sensations, and surroundings without judgment.

  • Stress Reduction

    Regular mindfulness practice has been shown to significantly reduce anxiety and stress, offering a natural way for teens to manage their emotional challenges.

  • Emotional Regulation

    By recognizing and accepting emotions as they arise, mindfulness equips adolescents with the tools to respond rather than react, fostering healthier emotional interactions.

Why Turning Point for Holistic Therapy & Mindfulness?

Experienced Practitioners

Our team is a blend of certified therapists and holistic practitioners, bringing together years of expertise in both clinical and alternative healing modalities.

Personalized Approach

 Understanding that every individual resonates differently, we customize our holistic and mindfulness interventions based on individual needs and inclinations.

Calm Environment

The tranquility of our Peoria center amplifies the experience, allowing adolescents to fully immerse themselves in the healing journey.

Our fully licensed treatment center will address your teen mental illness

The Holistic Advantage in Phoenix, AZ

Melding the best of ancient wisdom with modern understanding, Turning Point Healing Centers stands as a pioneering force in holistic adolescent care. Our center offers an ambiance steeped in peace, making it the ideal backdrop for introspective and transformative holistic sessions.

Discover Wholeness with Turning Point

The path to well-being isn’t linear. It’s an intricate dance of understanding, acceptance, and transformation. With our holistic therapy and mindfulness services, we invite teens to join this dance, leading them toward a life of balance, awareness, and profound well-being.

If you or your teen seeks a holistic approach to healing, our doors in Phoenix, AZ, are always open.

mental health services like group therapy for young adults address specific needs