At Turning Point, we deeply understand the weighty decision families face when choosing an organization to entrust the care and treatment of their child. We firmly believe that families should be intimately involved in their child’s care, without the need for uncertainty or constant inquiries. Communication is imperative!

We’ve all encountered the frustrating “run-around” when trying to get updates from healthcare facilities. You might be familiar with phrases like “hold on, let me check,” “he’s not my patient,” or the vague assurance that “he’s doing fine.” We find such experiences completely unacceptable.

Our unwavering conviction is that families should always be informed about their child’s progress. That’s why we’ve taken the proactive step of employing a dedicated Family Liaison. Their sole responsibility is to bridge the communication gap between our facility and your family.

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Our experienced and compassionate team collaborates with each young person to create a personalized treatment plan to tackle mental health disorders head-on. This approach ensures that the unique needs of every individual are addressed, facilitating their path toward healing and recovery.

Our Family Liaisons are the backbone of our communication system. They engage daily with our clinical team, fostering a deep understanding of each resident’s progress in their treatment journey. They actively connect with our residents and dedicated staff, ensuring they’re well-informed about every individual under our care.

Moreover, our Family Liaisons are committed to proactive communication. They will reach out to families as frequently as requested, providing updates that alleviate any concerns you may have. Additionally, our Family Liaisons are readily available to answer your questions and address concerns as they arise, ensuring you always have a reliable point of contact for your peace of mind. Your family’s comfort and confidence in our care are of utmost importance to us.

Our fully licensed treatment center will address your teen mental illness

During the intake process, families will be introduced to our Family Liaison. Their role is to guide families through the entire journey, from explaining the process and addressing questions to providing support during a resident’s stay at Turning Point. Furthermore, the Family Liaison will assist in preparing families and residents for graduation, ensuring a smooth transition for the healing journey ahead.

At Turning Point, we believe that transparency and support are paramount in the care and treatment of your child. Our dedicated Family Liaison is here to ensure you’re always in the loop, easing the burden of uncertainty and allowing you to focus on what matters most—your child’s well-being.

With our Family Liaison as your trusted point of contact, you can rest assured that you’ll receive timely updates and personalized assistance throughout your journey with Turning Point, from the initial intake to the moment your child takes their next steps towards healing and recovery. Your family’s peace of mind is our top priority.

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