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Comprehensive Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Teens

It’s not uncommon for individuals, especially adolescents, to grapple with co-occurring disorders, or dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis is when an individual has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder as well as substance use disorder at the same time. At Turning Point Healing Centers, we specialize in dual diagnosis – a holistic approach that addresses both mental health and substance use disorders simultaneously. Nestled in Phoenix, AZ, our center provides the depth of care and understanding essential for teens navigating the multi-faceted challenges of a dual diagnosis.

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Decoding Dual Diagnosis at Turning Point

Holistic Therapy

Simultaneous Treatment

Co-occurring disorders can be intertwined, each amplifying the other. We ensure that both are treated concurrently, providing a more comprehensive healing journey.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Phoenix, AZ

Personalized Care Plans

Recognizing the unique intricacies of each individual’s dual diagnosis, our specialists curate treatment plans tailored to resonate with the specific needs and challenges of every teen.

Individual Therapy in Phoenix, AZ

Integrated Therapies

Our approach weaves together various therapeutic techniques, from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and more, ensuring that every aspect of the dual diagnosis is addressed.

Why Choose Turning Point for Dual Diagnosis?

  • Expertise in Complexity

    Our team consists of specialists trained in the nuances of dual diagnosis, offering expertise that’s pivotal in understanding and treating co-occurring disorders.

  • Family-Centric Care

    Acknowledging the central role of families in recovery, we incorporate them into the treatment process, empowering them with tools and understanding to support their loved ones.

  • Holistic Healing

    Beyond therapy, our services at Peoria’s Turning Point Healing Centers encompass case management, community reintegration, nutritional counseling, and more, ensuring all-encompassing support for teens.

Components of Dual Diagnosis Treatment


An in-depth initial evaluation helps us understand the intricacies of each adolescent’s challenges.

Individual Therapy

One-on-one sessions allow teens to delve deep into their experiences, fostering emotional exploration and growth.

Group Therapy

 Interacting with peers facing similar struggles can offer invaluable insights, shared understanding, and a sense of belonging.

Medication Management

 If deemed necessary, our expert clinicians can recommend and manage medication regimens, ensuring they complement the therapeutic processes.

Family Sessions

Families are equipped with strategies and understanding, allowing them to be supportive pillars throughout the recovery journey.

Life Skills Training

Practical sessions teach adolescents to manage daily tasks, from budgeting to household chores, preparing them for independent living post-treatment.

Our fully licensed treatment center will address your teen mental illness

Embrace Recovery in Phoenix, AZ

Our location in the heart of Greater Phoenix offers not just expert treatment, but also a sanctuary for healing. The calm ambiance of Turning Point Healing Centers amplifies the therapeutic experience, making recovery a deeply transformative journey.

Turning Point: Your Beacon for Dual Diagnosis Recovery

Navigating the maze of a dual diagnosis can be daunting. But with the right guidance, expertise, and support, the path to resilience and recovery becomes clearer. Turning Point Healing Centers, renowned for our dual diagnosis specialty, stands as a beacon of hope for countless youth and their families.

If you believe your teen may benefit from dual diagnosis services, our compassionate team in Phoenix, AZ, is just a call away.

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